September 23, 2015


Data-informed public art to reflect energy conservation efforts of Harvard freshman class of 2020

(Cambridge, Mass.) — Iconic Energy Consulting announced today that four final design teams have been invited to submit full proposals for the Harvard Energy Feedback Sculpture project, a partnership initiative of the Harvard Office for Sustainability, Office for the Arts, and the Freshman Dean’s Office.

The finalists — Between Art and Technology Studio in collaboration with bentew, INVIVIA, Tellart, and Urbain DRC — were selected based on the strength of their previous work, which focused on cross-disciplinary combinations of art and design, technology, and human interactivity, and a range of additional factors.

“Our panelists were overwhelmed with the quality of the applicants for this phase of the process,” said Iconic Energy Consulting CEO Jennifer Haugh. “While we faced the difficult decision of selecting just four teams to develop design proposals, we feel very confident that we will get to see some very exciting ideas ahead.”

The Harvard Energy Feedback Sculpture project will display freshmen energy use and potentially other sustainability data in the form of an interactive work of public art. The sculpture gradually “comes to life” over periods of time when positive environmental consumer behavior achieves such measures as energy, water, and waste reduction goals outlined in Harvard’s Sustainability Plan 2015-2020, which was published by the Office for Sustainability in Fall 2014.

To be installed in a well-trafficked, publicly visible location on campus, pending funding availability, the Harvard Energy Feedback Sculpture would provide a visual incentive for Harvard’s newest students in the Class of 2020 to work together toward meeting conservation goals and providing greater visibility for joint climate change diversion efforts across campus.

Following a second panel review process, the winning design will be announced October 21.

For more details about the Harvard Energy Feedback Sculpture project, visit or contact Jennifer Haugh at 612-240-4641 /


Based in Sheffield, England, Benjamin Tew of bentew is an award-winning designer and engineer specializing in the creation of bespoke installations, kinetic artwork and oddities for the arts, television, entertainment and architecture worlds. See more of his work at Tew frequently collaborates with Between Art and Technology Studio (BAT), which was founded by David Di Duca and Jonty Craig in 2012.  BAT is a London-based design firm that combines architecture and interaction design, working in a variety of sectors ranging between buildings, retail interiors, public installations, temporary experiential installations and exhibition design. See more of BAT’s work at

INVIVIA is a design and technology research lab that helps clients develop solutions by creating innovative ideas, spaces, and objects that work, amuse and delight. Small enough to be flexible and highly innovative, yet experienced enough to be highly confident in the creative and technical quality of their work, INVIVIA is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. More of INVIVIA’s work can be found at

For fourteen years, Tellart has been building interactive objects and environments that connect to the web. In a small factory in New England, Tellart has been housing the brains, hands, and hearts of industrial designers, electrical engineers, graphic designers and software architects. Tellart is based in Providence, Rhode Island, with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Amsterdam.  See more of Tellart’s projects at

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Brooklyn, New York, Urbain DRC is a design/research collaborative focused on the future of architecture, the city, and the environment. A “question-based firm,” Urbain DRC starts with a complex problem and pursues solutions through multiple means and disciplines, navigating architecture, product and installation design, planning, and business development. Urbain DRC explores the intersection of technology, ecology, and culture, in search of regenerative solutions to the modern built environment. Learn more about Urbain DRC at

Iconic Energy Consulting was founded in 2014 and is devoted to using creativity through public art and civic engagement to inspire, educate, and advocate for sustainable practices, environmental protection, and renewable energy.  Learn more at


August 21, 2015

Call for Designers/Teams: Iconic Energy Consulting Seeking Applicants for Harvard Energy Feedback Sculpture

(Waltham, Mass.) — Iconic Energy Consulting, in partnership with Harvard College, Harvard Office for Sustainability, and the Harvard Office for the Arts, has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) seeking public artists, designers, and/or design teams for a chance to submit a full proposal for a unique “energy feedback sculpture.” The sculpture would measure the impact of freshmen conservation efforts over the course of a semester and offer visual rewards for goals met.

Applicants have until September 14 to submit qualifications for further consideration. Download the RFQ and further information here: RFQ.




March 30, 2014

Iconic Energy Consulting a finalist in Harvard-wide Deans’ Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge

(Cambridge, Mass.) — Iconic Energy Consulting is among six finalists in the Harvard University-wide Deans’ Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge, Harvard recently announced.

“Out of 44 submissions, your proposal was one that the Judging Committee felt was inspiring, feasible, scalable, and offered great potential for meaningful cultural impact,” said Diana Sorensen, Dean of Arts and Humanities at Harvard College. “In the Committee’s eyes, your proposal to leverage public art as a vehicle to strengthen public support for renewable energy is one that merits development and could truly make a difference for the arts and artists around the world.”

Finalists are given $5,000 of business development funding, mentors, workspace at Harvard’s Innovation Lab (iLab), and an opportunity to compete for a share of the $50,000 grand prize for each challenge on Thursday, May 15.

The story was announced on March 19 in the Harvard Gazette. One of three deans’ challenges at Harvard, the Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge was launched in 2013 in partnership with the Silk Road Project, a nonprofit arts organization led by cellist and Harvard graduate Yo-Yo Ma (’76).

Moving forward, Iconic Energy plans to invest at least half of its challenge winnings into the arts by sponsoring a competition for renderings to include in a portfolio that can be used to showcase the possibilities of transforming renewable energy into cultural icons. Details will be announced on Monday, April 7.

“Artists and designers have an extraordinary ability to offer entirely new ways of seeing ordinary things,” says Iconic Energy CEO Jennifer Haugh. “There is enormous potential here to celebrate renewable energy through art, and to help make these new technologies more accessible and exciting to people who care about the environment and their communities.”


Iconic Energy Consulting was founded in 2014 by Jennifer A. Haugh, a master’s degree candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Harvard Kennedy School graduate (MPA ’11).  Learn more about Iconic Energy and Haugh at